About our Company

The Red Mud team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service along with top notch product lines.


Red Mud, LLC has manufactured many diverse products over the years including agricultural implements, oilfield equipment, range management tools and railroad equipment. While manufacturing and sales of tillage tools remains an important part of our business model, our core business has evolved with a strong emphasis on industrial and construction equipment.

We are currently building equipment used in trenching/digging, rangeland management practices, the oilfield, road construction, railroad construction, and many other applications.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products at affordable prices. We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied and we strive to reach this goal. Whether it’s a big industrial job or a small lawnmower repair, your business is important to us.

From the quote to the delivery, it is Red Mud’s priority to ensure that each customer, whether large dealer, individual rancher, or property owner is treated equally. We encourage the customer to become engaged with every order. From custom design to on site needs, Red Mud is there to ensure your every need is taken care of.

Customer relationships are an important factor to the success of our company. We strive for every experience to be one that is worthy of return business.

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